Donate to the Klein Animal Shelter!
Send a check or money order to:
P.O. Box 294
Jacksonville, TX 75766

OR ... donate ONLINE now!

Promote your Shelter
"Talk up" the shelter! Encourage family and friends to join. Forward this website to those on your e-mail list. Invite a representative of PETS to address your church group, social club, homeowners associations, service organization -- wherever people gather.

Support your Shelter
Put a TLC (Today's Loose Change) can at your place of business near your cash register or on your desk. Need a can? E-mail us for one...

Fundraise for your Shelter
What can your group do independently? A great example of a stand-alone fundraisers have been: Hawgs for Dawgs, which the biker clubs organized on their own. and Wine & Cheese events hosted in private homes. Car washes, benefit performances of plays, and tips day at a fast food restaurant are other examples. Use your imagination and creativity! Contact us!

Lend Hands-On Help
Schedule volunteer time at the cages, walking dogs, helping with office duties, playing with cats and kittens...if you have the desire to help, contact us!

Network for the Shelter
Do you know a person of wealth who cares for animals? Solicit substantial contributions by letting that person know about our organization's goals. This person doesn't have to live in Cherokee County -- think about your "extended" acquaintances! Send them our printable donor form...or encourage them to donate online!

Start at Home
Spay or neuter your own animals. Don't contribute to the overpopulation problem.

Report Abuse
Speak out against neglect, dogfighting, and other abusive practices that you might suspect in Cherokee County. Inform law enforcement agencies if you know of such activity.

Utilizing materials from the American Humane Association or other national groups, get information on animal welfare into the schools of Cherokee County. Solicit businesses to underwrite the cost of age-appropriate newsletters for the classes. A class' subscription to KindNews is only $25! Surely there are businesses in the county that, if asked, would allot $25 to send each child in a particular class a newsletter that would state on the cover "brought to you by [name of business]."

Visit the current shelter to identify animals that rescue groups might accept. Photograph the animal and e-mail its picture to the appropriate group. Set up transportation. Usually, the rescue group will meet a transporter halfway.

Ways to make
a statement
AND a difference!

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