I didn't adopt my pet from a shelter. Instead, she and I met on the street early one Saturday morning about two-and-a-half years ago. She was a throw-away, mange-infested, starving, little black and tan dog.

Approximately three months old, she weighed only about four pounds. Our eyes met. She would not let me get away, and we adopted each other that day. My late husband, Bob, referred to her as the "long-tailed junkyard dog," and he too loved her dearly.

After many trips to Dr. Stephens for shots, mange cure, and surgery, the results are amazing. Lucy is now a beautiful dog weighing about 40 pounds. She is without pedigree, and she is the light of my life. She has done for me what no therapist could ever do. Lucy is truly one of a kind.

There are many "Lucys" out there wanting to make your life better. All they ask in return is a little food, water, and loving care. Who would you say benefits more from giving an unwanted pet a good home?

Thanks to PETS for making us aware of the needs of these animals. PETS needs, and deserves, our support.

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