The starving little red dog you see in these pictures was more fortunate than her white companion. By the time PETS had worked through the lawful procedures, the little white dog had vanished. Who knows where? The red dog allowed herself to be scooped up and driven to Animal Medical Clinic in Jacksonville. "She crouched in my lap and trembled the entire time," recalls her rescuer.

When the staff at Animal Medical Clinic asked the dog's name, the rescuer improvised: "Ginger." The little stray, now dubbed Ginger, was turned over to Dr. Ira Stephens and his staff for "the works": spaying, worming (which had to be done repeatedly to kill Ginger's infestation), care for the fire ant bites on Ginger's skin, and routine shots. Ginger also experienced some things she had never seen in her brief life: regular feedings, water available at all times, and affection from humans. She responded happily in all counts, gaining weight and cuddling in the arms of anyone who picked her up.

After Ginger was on the road to good health, it was time for her to enter the adoption system. But one of the rescuers couldn't risk it ­ Ginger had already been through so much horror in her first year of life. "If I want to be absolutely sure Ginger gets a good home," thought the volunteer, "Why not have her join mine?" No one connected with Ginger was at all surprised. Ginger now lives in Whitehouse as the smallest, youngest dog in a three-dog, three-cat household. All her "siblings" are spayed and neutered, and each is a "passed-along" or rescued animal.


Ginger Then:

Ginger Now:

For every Ginger who finds a home, there are hundreds of abandoned, infested animals with no home. Please spay and neuter your own animals!

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